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R.I.P. Sweetie, September 2007- September 2018

R.I.P. Sweetie, September 2007- September 2018


It is my wish to use the art of chart analysis to illuminate the dynamics at play in an individual’s life, in relationship to self or another so that the potential of the soul can be realized.

I am an astrologer, singer, artist and herbalist, living in Montréal, Canada with my little family: my musician/yoga therapist/Sagittarius husband Brian James of The Medicine Path, and our Boston Terrier Kingston. I take a therapeutic approach to my astrological consultations, entering into a healing relationship with my clients.

Over 20 years in one-to-one relationship with clients in my parallel career as a hairstylist has been transmuted into my consultation process of listening, interpreting and supporting growth. Readings may lead to further consultation on the use of herbal and yogic practices, should the client wish to support their health and lifestyle.

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“Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.”

Carl Jung

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Some of my seasonal, small batch folk remedies are in stock and for sale here. I welcome you in with calming herbal tea, offer blankets and bolsters for comfort, and in the warm months we can sit on the adjoining balcony to enjoy the air and sun. My little dog may stop by for a visit, who has been known to offer his own healing services in the form of kisses and cuddles. Should you not prefer dogs, he will respect your space and spend his time in another room.

I specialize in Birth (Natal) Chart Consultations. The tradition of birth chart analysis in many cultures is an important foundation for self reflection and understanding, bringing the energies of the celestial bodies in our solar system, and the archetypal mythologies associated with them by our ancestors, down to earth and into our personal and collective psyches in a practical way. There is much to be gleaned from studying, and revisiting, the life map provided by the birth chart, cast for the moment you entered this world.

I may focus on past and present planetary activity, as it relates to your birth chart, to bring context to the current moment, and explore near future planetary movements, known as transits, that can highlight certain themes in your days to come. I seek to empower you with a better understanding of your birth chart as a tool for self knowledge and acceptance while you master your own destiny. My current framework for birth chart analysis is the Tropical Zodiac, informed by traditional and modern western astrology.


“Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality.”

Steven Forrest

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consultation rates


Birth Chart
60 minutes

During our hour together we will explore your birth (natal) chart. This is an excellent starting place for those who know little about astrology, or for anyone who would like a cohesive, compassionate read of the various themes at work in their own life for insight and inspiration.

You will learn:

  • Your rising sign (ascendant)

  • Planets in their signs

  • House cusps, and planets in houses

  • Key points of activation in your chart

  • Major aspects that planets and points make to each other

  • The elemental composition of the whole chart

I will bring this knowledge together in a meaningful, affirming way, by helping to interpret your strengths and possible areas of growth in life. Some discussion on current transits may be explored should time permit.



Applied Birth Chart
90 minutes

The foundation of this hour and a half session begins with the Birth Chart Consultation, and then applies this knowledge to specific areas in more depth.

Some possible topics of focus:

  • Current planetary movements (transits) and how these
    could be activating your chart

  • Insight into your latent talents or potentials when considering career changes

  • Understanding your unique needs for love and commitment in partnership

  • Strategies to help integrate challenging aspects or weather difficult transit periods

  • Herbal and lifestyle adaptations should emotional or health imbalances arise



Relationship Chart
90 minutes

This session is for any two individuals who want to learn more about the chemistry and dynamics at work between them. It can also be for an individual who would like insight into a prominent relationship in their life.

The Relationship (Synastry) Chart Consultation can be constructive for:

  • Business partners

  • Family members

  • Those in a love relationship

  • Those considering deeper commitment

We will compare the birth charts of the two persons, and then examine how the two charts activate each other, highlighting areas of ease in collaboration and attraction and possible themes of challenge or growth.

Please note that I must receive expressed permission to divulge the contents of another’s chart if they are not present. In the case of an emotionally urgent situation you may present me with chart information without the permission of the other party, however I can only be informed by it as I specifically consult you.

*Please also note in confidentiality, I can encourage you in the event of crisis or abuse to seek psychological, medical or legal support, but if you are engaged in a relationship that is clearly unhealthy or dangerous, astrological insight, though possibly affirming, will not be enough to meet an emergency.



Follow-up / Specific Question
30 minutes

Do you need a check in to help integrate your initial reading?
Or maybe you have one specific question you’d like addressed in more detail?

I can consult you for 30 minutes to follow up, once we’ve had a longer initial reading and I know you and your chart. Feel free to book as many follow-ups as needed, it’s a great way to stay connected and support your process.



Over time add-on
15 minutes

We really got rolling, and it went overtime!

It happens, so if my schedule permits, I am happy to continue consulting if some great momentum and insight has taken hold, though I will need to round off to the nearest 15 minute increment and add this to your initial fee.


“I will look on the stars and look on thee, and read the page of thy destiny.”

Letitia Elizabeth Landon

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The quality and accuracy of consultations can only be assured if I am supplied with your precise birth information. Please obtain your date, time and place of birth from your family, or from birth records.


Should family recollection fail to recover your birth time, you can write to the records department of the hospital you were born in to obtain this information, or order a copy of your birth registration from your local Vital Statistics department. A birth registry document is different from your birth certificate, and often contains a birth time when the birth certificate does not. If you cannot obtain the time of birth we will cast a general chart for noon on your birthday, which will deliver limited but still interesting information.

All contents of the readings will remain confidential, yet should your chart present a relevant example, I will ask your permission to use it anonymously for teaching purposes. I will respect your wish should you decline. Clients are encouraged to record their sessions for later reference.

When booking via email, please briefly state:

  • Your level of understanding of astrology

  • Have you had an astrology consultation before?

  • Which consultation are you interested in?

  • Your specific questions and areas of concern

This information will help me tailor the experience to suit your needs and interest, so that we can cover the most ground in our time together. Again, please be brief in the message, as we will have time to talk in more depth during your appointment.

Please use the form here or email me at to book your reading. If you are from outside Montréal, I can consult you via ZOOM Conferencing, or telephone. A ZOOM Conferencing link will be emailed to your for the time and date of the consultation. ZOOM also allows us to record your session for later reference.

*Payment must be received via Interac e-transfer or PayPal invoice before the consultation can be confirmed.
**Before sending your email, please review the consultations section to inform your inquiry.







To compliment my decades long interest and inquiry into Astrology, I have explored the following courses. These topics and skills enrich the content and quality of my Birth Chart Consultations.

The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR)

  • Consulting Skills Training and Ethics

  • Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP)

The Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE)

  • current ongoing study for diploma requirements

  • Level 3: Intermediate and Advanced Competency

School of Evolutionary Herbalism: Astro-Herbalism

  • current ongoing study

  • Vitalist and Elemental Herbalism

  • Astro-Herbalism, Medical and Esoteric Astrology

Inside Ayurveda: Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine

  • basic principles of Ayurveda

Sage Mountain: Art and Science of Herbalism + Herbal Apprenticeship with Betty Norton (Victoria BC)

  • wildcrafting, medicine making, case studies

  • Certified Community Herbalist

Registered Yoga Teacher

  • classical hatha yoga, restorative, yin

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

Indian Head Massage

  • balancing massage system, utilizing marma points and therapeutic touch

  • Certified Indian Head Massage Practitioner