Exalted Full Moon in Taurus

The Full Moon on October 24, 2018 becomes exact at 12:43 pm EDT, which will shine in the night quite potently for those who will see it.

This Full Moon is quite auspicious, as it is in Taurus, it’s sign of Exaltation. Exalted planets, though not in their dominion, operate quite powerfully, as they reside in a sign as an esteemed houseguest, so to speak, their every need provided so that they may shine their influence in a unique but supportive setting. The Moon in Taurus is particularly fertile and generous, and the house it illuminates in your natal chart shows the culmination of the intentions set at the Libran New Moon, and the actions taken toward this culmination as per the Aquarian Quarter Moon.
The dispositor of the Taurean Full Moon is Venus, who at 8:16 am EDT formed an exact sextile with Saturn. The sextile aspect is supportive, at once steadying and catalytic, creating opportunity to put the fertility of this day to practical, constructive use. Since Venus is Rx in Scorpio, this opportunity may be found by going back to revisit a theme that began around mid-September, when Venus was last at 4 degrees of this sign...
This is all underscored, however, by the Full Moon’s conjunction with Uranus Rx, which is exact today at 11:29 am EDT. When the fullness of feeling meets Uranus’ disruptive and somewhat revolutionary energy, it may cause restlessness and a sense of urgency to act outside of our usual scope. In Taurus, you may be looking at how your life has been structured, what you have been accumulating, and feel a sudden need to rearrange it all, or start expressing yourself in a manner that may be just as much of a surprise to yourself as it is to others…

Brian James