Samhain, or All Hallow’s Eve, is upon us.

This liminal time where we begin our descent into the dark half of the year, mirrors the descent into the soul as per the theme of Scorpio Season. Now the veil between worlds is thin, and we feel the departed ones among us, walking freely, reminding us that there is life in the dark, beyond what we can see. We honour our ancestry, a chain of blood song that gives depth and context to our lives.

There is life in the Soul, speaking beneath the chatter, guiding us to wholeness and purpose in the chaos of the world.

Through the night, the Moon shifted into Leo, and will visit a square with the Sun in Scorpio at 12:39pm EDT. A test of the will may arise in afternoon negotiations...

We are now in the final quarter Moon phase, a half Moon turning toward darkness, emphasizing the divide of the year as we turn inward to integrate the culmination of this Lunar Cycle.

Through the night, Mercury moved into Sagittarius, it’s sign of detriment, or exile, harkening in the shades of the Sagittarian Season to come. Mercury’s attention to detail expands into tangential, philosophical conversation, that yearns to articulate the Perennial Philosophy. The language is as roving and questing as the Archer, seeking to make it’s mark amidst the swaying trees.

Before Venus’ retrograde revisit of Libra, she formed an exact opposition to Uranus at 4:21am EDT, triggering another permutation of a Fixed Grand Cross and re-engaging the Lunar Nodes. The Sun recently illuminated what may be incorporating now, and the work we have been doing with Venusian relational cohesion is now playing an active part. Uranus is still in Taurus for awhile longer, continuing to reinvent our material landscape.

By 3:42pm EDT today, Venus will be back in her domicile, moving toward her station degree of 25 Libra on November 16. It is a fertile and potent time to reconnect, wise and grateful for the recent insights of the season ✨

Brian James