Scorpio Season

At 7:22am EDT today, the Sun slid into Scorpio.

The golden hues of the Sun are fixed and cooled in the belly of Autumn, as it dips lower in it’s descent toward winter. Scorpio is a heavily populated sign at the moment, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus Rx and Jupiter there. Moody, broody times.

The ripples on the surface of the collective psyche go still, as we go deep on our interior journeys. It is the calm before the swell of astrological activity this week. It is sure to be eventful, yet in all of the unfolding, stay connected to what is your material, and look less toward the faults and blame of others. That part of ourselves we have not claimed, we tend to experience outside of ourselves as fate, as Jung suggests.

Our patterned reactions, woven into the old fabric of uninvestigated trauma may be creating a sense of our outer world being stormier than it actually is. Investigate. Be curious, especially about the aversions. What are we sweeping around in our surface practices? How else do we get into those unreachable corners but by going into the areas of life we avoid? The pain is the gateway. Venus Rx is taking us through the subterranean passage. What gold awaits? Take her hand and follow her lantern...

The Moon in Aries sextile Mars in Aquarius this morning stimulates the conversation. Frank, but necessary words land like well aimed arrows. It feels good to be clear, effective, sure.

Tonight at 8:24pm EDT The Sun in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Investigation causes disruption, surprises lead to more inquiry. We may be stepping out of our secure routines, to adapt, to evolve, to re-invent in light of sudden revelations. We take nothing for granted on this material plane, at this time.

Brian James