Venus melted, figuratively, in to the heart of the Sun in Scorpio today, at 10:01 am EDT.

Though planets in close proximity of the Sun were traditionally thought to be overpowered by it, a special consideration is made for the degree exactly conjunct. Inside this Solar crucible, the planet is said to be purified. 

A relational theme may have surfaced this week, that you have come to realize is creating a barrier between you and your beloved. Today we are being asked to let go of an old pattern that is undermining an ability to truly connect. Offer it to the fires of the Sun. Bring what was in the shadow, into the light of consciousness, to be integrated so that you may feel whole. It is from this wholeness we rejoin the beloved, not from a place of lack and hunger, but from feeling fulfilled, in our own power.

We hold and sustain our own Solar Vitality once blockages and impurities are cleared, so that we do not need to borrow energy from another. Our love becomes a natural expression of the connectivity of life, as we abandon the dance of dependency.

As we follow Venus deeper into the retrograde passage, the path may begin to twist and turn, so leave anything that does not serve you on this journey, and ultimately in life, behind.

More is yet to be revealed, yet the Sun sextile Saturn, exact tomorrow night, indicates we have the fortitude to stay on course. An opportunity to take up a disciplined approach to our promises will yield beneficial results.

Brian James