Aries: March 2018


A R I E S :: M A R C H 2 1 - A P R I L 2 0

Aries, the sign of Cardinal Fire, represents the inception of the vital force, exploding outward, sending all life swirling into motion. It is the first sign, the beginning of the soul’s journey through the 12 stages of evolution. It is the first breath, the newborn wail of arrival and the battle cry from the front lines as the warrior rushes in to meet destiny.

The animal archetype associated with Aries is the Ram, charging head first into obstacles and opponents. It’s planetary ruler is Mars, the planet of war, action and potency. It’s with this initiating force that the growth of Spring breaks through, and sets a new cycle of seasons into action. 

When looking into our birth charts, it’s said that the Sun’s placement represents our core self, our vitality and how it is expressed, and the power signature of our physical heart. It is from this core self that we navigate through life and fulfill our purpose. It could be said that the Sun in our chart represents central command, and it is around this pulsing heart centre all other dimensions of our being organize themselves.

Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, could be said to be the soldier of this central command, it’s concentrated drive best channelled when it is in focused service to the core self. Mars working in harmony with the Sun carries out the directives of our purpose, giving us the will to follow through, the strength to stand up to confrontation and to defend that which is dear to us. Constitutionally this harmony presents in the body as strong immunity, circulation and vitality. Energetically we are clear in intention, we are confident, and know how to set and honour healthy relational boundaries.

Currently the Sun is in Aries, in what is called an exalted position, meaning it radiates with special potency and clarity in this sign. Meanwhile Mars, the ruler of Aries, is currently in Capricorn, where traditionally it is also exalted!. Here again, the expression of this planet is elevated, giving incredible strength to its ability to stimulate action and drive.

If this wasn’t enough potency to embark on the Spring season with, it’s interesting to note that currently these 2 exalted planets are forming what is called a square aspect to each other in the sky, which is an activating, challenging relationship. A square aspect can indicate energies that are not easily integrating or working in harmony, but are instead moving in cross purposes.

For the next 5-6 days we all may notice certain themes emerging; is the soldier principle of Mars in the loyal service of the heart principle in the Sun? Has the soldier gone rogue, or is the heart out of phase with its integrity? The Tarot correspondence to Mars in Capricorn is in the Three of Pentacles card, known as “The Lord of Material Works”, and the Sun in Aries corresponds to the Three of Wands card, known as “The Lord of Established Strength”. Can these lords unite to govern in peace, within and without? Is our effort in establishing material security at cross purposes with our efforts to establish strength?

Meanwhile, Mercury, the speedy planet of thought and communication, is in fiery, impulsive Aries, and is about to turn retrograde late March 22, when it will seem to travel backward through this sign until April 15. Mercury retrograde tends to be a time of revisiting our efforts to be understood, and do-overs in the messages we are sending and receiving, and since it’s Aries season, it could be a time of snap judgements and impulsive speech that could start a chain reaction of misunderstandings.

Around April 5, Mercury will be in a square aspect to both exalted Mars, and Saturn, who is on his throne in Capricorn. At this time we could see our intentions in communication working at cross purposes with our will and sense of discipline if we are not acting from a place of measured clarity. Perhaps some verbal battles? Or heated debates we get invested in, only to realize all parties are arguing the same point? When Mercury turns direct in its course on April 15th, a sense of relief will likely take hold as any disputes are managed and we begin to move forward.

The theme of bold, direct and penetrating communication continues with Mercury in Aries until May 13th, so if we can breathe and pause before becoming reactive or defensive, some great insight and opportunities for growth could emerge as the gold from any potent interactions this season. 

* It should be noted that Mercury retrograde has become a popular scapegoat for all happenings that are not ideal during its time, as though this planet were the cause. Our decisions in life largely contribute to the positions we find ourselves in, so it could be that any troubles that pop up could have been brewing for some time. We can simply take the opportunity Mercury retrograde provides, according to the theme of the sign it is in, to not take anyone, or anything for granted, and stay as conscious and clear as we can all year.

Those with Aries as their Ascendant or Sun sign, or prominent elsewhere in the chart, may be feeling this weather most acutely, starting their new cycle feeling energized, yet driving and working so hard on their purpose, they may not have given themselves time to examine if this purpose is still worthy of such effort. Perhaps they are meeting their obstacles with the force of the Ram, the potency of the warrior, but is this muscle necessary, or is it creating conflict, alienation and obliteration of other opportunities? Aries natives would do well to breathe, look into their powerful hearts, and connect with a sense of benevolence, compassion, and patience, in themselves and in those they are meeting at home, in public and in partnership. Since Aries folks naturally suffer very little bullshit, and hold themselves and others to the highest standards of integrity, it won’t take long to recalibrate if needed and meet life with authentic, yet balanced, enthusiasm.

Air sign natives may find the fire of spring igniting their ideas into action. Projects that have been considered with intellectual objectivity will be stimulated into life. Early degree Librans may feel some resistance and opposition when commencing anything new, and may need to have some difficult conversations with those who may not be collaborating in a considerate manner. In the interest of fairness, grace and justice, Librans could be tempted to avoid these potentially messy confrontations, but if handled diplomatically and authentically it will be a growth experience for everyone involved, and be of service to the higher good. It is possible this difficult conversation will take the shape of an internal awareness, and the need to pick one’s battles or projects wisely, in the interest of energy conservation.

Earth and water natives will feel the beginning of spring’s renewal warming their cool constitutions. They will be emerging from hibernation, craving social and physical stimulation. Early degree Cancers may be on the receiving end of some intense interactions, rousing a deep emotional response and a call to foster resilience, healthy boundaries and personal strength before moving forward. Early degree Capricorns will be feeling the direct hit of martial activation, and may need to keep a cool head when exercising their authority. These hard working goats are likely to be holding themselves to some strict deadlines, that are motivating but also stressful and exhausting. Perhaps there is a way to pace out the workload more gradually and still meet the goal? 

Herbal Correspondance
In many parts of North America, spring has already awakened, and with it Nettles are growing and offering their unique Mars balancing properties. Mars, the iron planet, and as mentioned the ruler of Aries, is also the ruler of our blood, which Nettles help build and cleanse, improving our immunity and circulation. It is timely that this plant comes to us at the beginning of spring, preparing us for the active and allergy inducing months ahead. For those who cannot find fresh Nettles yet, you could enjoy this herb dried from your local herb store, as a tea or soup ingredient. It is a wonderful nourishing plant for all constitutions, yet will be of special help to fire types, whose hot, reactive systems will be cooled by the balancing after effects of Nettles. This plant is a diuretic, meaning it can stimulate urination and drain any damp stagnation from the system after a sedentary winter, yet could possibly be a bit drying to those with air type constitutions, or anyone feeling dehydrated. It can however encourage a balance of moisture retention, by replenishing salts and minerals in the system.

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