Taurus: April 21-May 22, 2018


In the past days we have already begun to feel the Sun’s shift out of the initiatory Cardinal Fire sign of Aries and into Taurus, the centre of Spring. The energy at this time is one of Fixed Earth, where the season feels less imminent and tentative and now is firmly established. Venusian growth and abundance is breaking through the soil with flowers, fragrances and the beauty of life’s renewal. People are coming out of their homes, preparing their yards and planters, and meeting on patios to eat and drink, sharing and enjoying Taurus’s material pleasures.

The ruler of the sign Taurus is Venus, the planet of art, beauty, affection, sweets, charm, jewels and possessions. Venus is the planet of love and relatedness, not necessarily a hasty sexual expression which is more the domain of Mars, but rather a gentle, sensual and adoring connection. Certainly courtship dinners, the “getting to know you” phase is a Venusian time in relationships, and the sweet thank you notes that keep our long term partners feeling appreciated are from Venus too.

Animal Archetype & Symbolism

The animal archetype associated with Taurus is The Bull, whose constellation is one of the oldest, harkening back to ancient Babylonian times with the bull as a potent symbol of early agricultural civilizations. The glyph of Taurus resembles the Bull’s head, and also is thought to hold the ancient symbology of the crescent Moon above the material world, represented by the circle of life. The Moon is Exalted in Taurus, where the emotions are supported by Taurus’ fixed Earth energies to express in a steady, dependable, deeply caring way.

If you are a Taurus Sun sign, or have Taurus rising, or have Taurus very prominent in your chart, it’s likely you have some of the qualities of the Bull. You are physically strong and sturdy, slow moving yet long enduring, patient and slow to anger, but if so aroused, it is a wonder to behold! It is a rare occasion to anger a Taurus, so if you have, know that you probably had it coming for awhile. Taurus’ are generous, forthright and loyal, and can be an example to us all to uphold our most wholesome values. You know a Taurus likes you if you are being bestowed with goodies and fascinating treasures, or you have been introduced to their collectables, each item well made and with a story attached.

Taurus in Relationship

So rather than focusing on planetary transits this month, I have decided to briefly explore the Taurus principle in relationship, as relatedness is the domain of Venus, Taurus’ ruling planet. Remember these are brief examples, as a whole chart for 2 individuals would need to be considered to know the real life nuances of any relationship:

Taurus to Taurus connections are as peas in a pod; cozy, long enduring and deeply nurturing. It is a symbol of 2 parallel bulls, equally yoked, forging a path together as the rest of the world blows by.

Capricorns and Virgos understand Tauruses deeply as their earthly kin. Taurus can model a way to relax into earthiness, when Capricorns and Virgos can get a little stressed.

Cancers and Pisces appreciate them, and can come to depend on Taurus to provide structure and security for their deeply emotive and intuitive natures.

Scorpios may be confronted by them, but see in Tauruses certain complementary qualities they would do well to nurture in themselves. 

Aries and Sagittarius may lose some patience with Taurus, but Leo’s love for receiving may encourage them quite easily to indulge with their Taurus friends, who love to give!

Geminis and Librans may be a little confounded and amused when meeting Tauruses, kind of like the Elves meeting the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings. They do move at different speeds, but can be useful allies to each other in a team setting.

Aquarians may be the trickiest of the signs to harmonize with Taurus, as air is not an immediate blend with earth. Both are in fixed expressions of their respective elements, so the more a Taurus enacts their rooted, methodical tendencies, the more the Aquarian enacts their radical, unorthodox ways! It's the meeting of the earthling and the alien, 2 different creatures that happen to share the cosmos.

Constitutional Correlation & Herbal Allies

The constitutional correlation to Taurus in Ayurveda is Kapha, an elemental blend of water and earth, with Taurus able to maintain steady health, long lives and good recuperative powers. Childhood is the Kapha time of life, where our foundations as persons are being built. Our bodies at this time are accumulating nourishment, building immunity and also we are hopefully receiving love, affection and thereby accumulating a capacity to hold healthy, affectionate Venusian relationships in our lives.

Accumulation is a strong theme with Taureans, in their possessions, indulgences and in their bodies. Their capacity to accumulate and store nourishment can at times create some feelings of heaviness and stagnation, and imbalances of moisture and cold, so any warming spices or herbal allies that can encourage movement in their fixed earth type constitutions can be helpful. 

Cleavers, a wonderful, curious plant that grows in the Spring, displays the Venusian quality of velcro like “clinginess”, holding onto other plants and surfaces as a foundation for growth. Cleavers in juice or tincture form have a wonderful affinity for assisting lymphatic movement and drainage, and used in conjunction with good hydration and regular exercise can keep this cleansing network moving smoothly. 

Wild Rose, a beautiful Venusian bloom, in tea, or infused honey, or in tincture form can give Taureans, and anyone for that matter, a lovely feeling of comfort and completeness in their hearts, strengthening a non-material sense of comfort and security from within. This is the true treasure of love, that it is our true nature, and is in an infinite supply. All we need to do is clear the blockages that keep is from giving and receiving freely, and in trusting this phenomenon of love in abundance can balance the tendency to accumulate beyond what we truly need.