The quality and accuracy of consultations can only be assured if I am supplied with your precise birth information. Please obtain your date, time and place of birth from your family, or from birth records.


Should family recollection fail to recover your birth time, you can write to the records department of the hospital you were born in to obtain this information, or order a copy of your birth registration from your local Vital Statistics department. A birth registry document is different from your birth certificate, and often contains a birth time when the birth certificate does not. If you cannot obtain the time of birth we will cast a general chart for noon on your birthday, which will deliver limited but still interesting information.

All contents of the readings will remain confidential, yet should your chart present a relevant example, I will ask your permission to use it anonymously for teaching purposes. I will respect your wish should you decline. Clients are encouraged to record their sessions for later reference.

When booking via email, please briefly state:

  • Your level of understanding of astrology

  • Have you had an astrology consultation before?

  • Which consultation are you interested in?

  • Your specific questions and areas of concern

This information will help me tailor the experience to suit your needs and interest, so that we can cover the most ground in our time together. Again, please be brief in the message, as we will have time to talk in more depth during your appointment.

Please use the form here or email me at debbie@modern-mystic.com to book your reading. If you are from outside Montréal, I can consult you via ZOOM Conferencing, or telephone. A ZOOM Conferencing link will be emailed to your for the time and date of the consultation. ZOOM also allows us to record your session for later reference.

*Payment must be received via Interac e-transfer or PayPal invoice before the consultation can be confirmed.
**Before sending your email, please review the consultations section to inform your inquiry.