Consultations in Montréal take place in my home studio and apothecary; a cozy, sun bathed space on the Plateau where we will visit in peace and privacy.

Some of my seasonal, small batch folk remedies are in stock and for sale here. I welcome you in with calming herbal tea, offer blankets and bolsters for comfort, and in the warm months we can sit on the adjoining balcony to enjoy the air and sun. My little Boston Terriers may stop by for a visit, and have been known to offer their own healing services in the form of kisses and cuddles.

Should you not prefer dogs, they will respect your space and spend their time in another room.


I specialize in Birth (Natal) Chart Consultations. The tradition of birth chart analysis in many cultures is an important foundation for self reflection and understanding, bringing the energies of the celestial bodies in our solar system, and the archetypal mythologies associated with them by our ancestors, down to earth and into our personal and collective psyches in a practical way. There is much to be gleaned from studying, and revisiting, the life map provided by the birth chart, cast for the moment you entered this world.

I may focus on past and present planetary activity, as it relates to your birth chart, to bring context to the current moment, and explore near future planetary movements, known as transits, that can highlight certain themes in your days to come. I seek to empower you with a better understanding of your birth chart as a tool for self knowledge and acceptance while you master your own destiny. My current framework for birth chart analysis is the Tropical Zodiac, informed by traditional and modern western astrology.