Custom Astrology Portrait

Custom Astrology Portrait


The Primary Triad of the Rising Sign, Sun Sun and Moon Sign is one of the first places an astrologer goes when reading your chart, to get a sense of your core personality.

I am now offering a signed Custom Astrology Portrait based on these 3 natal placements. The Planetary Rulers and elemental qualities of each placement will inspire the colour and texture of how this one of a kind watercolour portrait will be imagined and depicted by me.

A short description will be included, that can be presented with the work, or affixed to the back should you chose to frame the piece. (Frame not included)

This work can be a wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one, to help oneself orientate to the personal planetary energies at work in life.

Please include the accurate birth data of the recipient (date/time/place of birth) with your order.

Featured Image: Rising Sign- Pisces (water/Neptune) Sun Sign- Sagittarius (fire/Jupiter) Moon Sign (air/Libra).
Size: 12”x16”

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