Gift: Relationship Chart (90min)

Gift: Relationship Chart (90min)


Gift a Relationship Chart Reading to a loved one. After purchase, you’ll download a PDF gift certificate which you can print and personalize!

What they’ll receive:

This session is for any two individuals who want to learn more about the chemistry and dynamics at work between them. It can also be for an individual who would like insight into a prominent relationship in their life.

The Relationship (Synastry) Chart Consultation can be constructive for:

  • Business partners

  • Family members

  • Those in a love relationship

  • Those considering deeper commitment

We will compare the birth charts of the two persons, and then examine how the two charts activate each other, highlighting areas of ease in collaboration and attraction and possible themes of challenge or growth.

Please note that I must receive expressed permission to divulge the contents of another’s chart if they are not present. In the case of an emotionally urgent situation you may present me with chart information without the permission of the other party, however I can only be informed by it as I specifically consult you.

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