I’ve had many astrological readings over the years with a variety of practitioners, and I can truly say this experience with Debbie is the most beneficial.”

“As she illuminated my entire birth chart, her practical insight allowed me to see my life path in a more holistic way. Debbie’s approach is interactive; I appreciate that she was open to explore my questions and curiosities along the way. It felt like I was drinking from a deep well of wisdom during the session - her passion for this work is evident. Debbie is a clear channel and grounded guide in the realm of astrology. I encourage others to connect and benefit from her unique skill set.”
Kathleen, Ottawa ON


“Debbie has a way of transmitting her knowledge that speaks to a deeper part of myself.”

“She could read my chart as a map to my most hidden secrets and treasures and managed to give me the keys to some doors I was afraid to look at. Her insight comes from a place of intuition and profound wisdom about the stars and their meanings. She embodies everything I believe in by uniting above and below in a way that is easy for me to understand and apply to my everyday life to make my experience on this earth meaningful. Thank you so much for helping me know myself better."
Danah, Cayman Islands


“Having a session with Debbie is more like sitting down to coffee with a trusted friend or therapist.”

“The planetary alignments accent the stories she allows us to tell about our life and show the way toward achieving our goals. Debbie gains insights through casual conversation and then when she sees something in your chart it’s like a lightning bolt of truth coming at you. I am going make this a regular part of my self-care and I have referred her to so many people. Thank you Debbie!”
Kacy, Chicago USA


“Debbie is a special soul, talented in a plethora of ways! This was the first time my chart was read through both analysis and intuition.”

“She dropped a bunch of psychic bombs; shedding light on various shadowy aspects that I had never even thought of. A beautiful communicator, she offered the perfect balance between using layman’s terms and astrology language. I asked a specific question, in which she answered, clearly backed up with tangible takeaways that intuitively resonated. I left feeling inspired, invigorated and empowered, being reminded of what makes me, uniquely me, and new perspectives to tackle my goals.”
— Justine, Victoria BC


“Weaving ancient wisdom, intuitive understanding, and acute knowledge of the stars, Debbie gave me an astrology reading like none other I’ve had before.”

“The lens that she provides is one where I have been able to look at the challenging aspects of my chart and see hope while also having action to take on how to amplify the gifts and positive aspects the constellations at my birth presented me. I feel like I understand myself more deeply and the homework that Debbie gave me has helped me stay grounded in the growth and evolution that I hope for myself. What a gift. Thank you Debbie.”
Krista, Toronto ON


“Debbie, is warm, kind and very knowledgeable.”

“I went to see Debbie, (around my birthday) in July. It was my first time seeing an astrologer, so I didn’t really know what to expect. She walked me through my chart, and explained what was happening around the time I was born and what is happening now. It was really interesting! I will definitely be going for a follow up appointment. Thank you Modern Mystic!”
Sarah, Toronto ON


"Debbie has a way of grounding something that may seem out of reach and that may seem a little out there. Of course, I am talking about Astrology.”

“I received a birth chart reading from Debbie and was amazed as to how accurate she was. I was not a newbie to my birth chart so when she provided me with further insight, knowledge and more paths on the map, I was very happy and excited. I especially love her writing on Instagram and the way she finds and presents the best qualities for the archetypal energies of the Zodiacs. I highly recommend a reading with Debbie for all seekers out there looking for more answers that may only be found through Astrology.”
Ioannis, Rhodes, Greece


“I’ve had my chart done in the past by qualified astrologers and I will hands down say that having had time with Debbie in this area has truly enhanced my level of comfort with this medium.”

“I felt completely safe with her during my reading and her analysis of my chart. I actually felt like I understood most of what she was saying. If I didn’t completely get something, Debbie worked out it out for me in a relatable way that made it clear. It was a very fun and light experience which was comprised of many deep and powerfully personal subjects. I look forward to future readings with her.”
Isabelle, Toronto, ON


“Debbie has a gift for artful Astrology readings. She takes time to teach you the architecture of Astrology, giving you tools to work with your chart with insight and herbal support.”

“After my reading I felt a deep appreciation for her clarity, knowledge, and grace as she helped me understand the planets and stars. She opened my eyes to a whole new magical world. I feel more empowered and connected to myself and purpose.”
Kimiko, Montréal QC